Modes of Inhabiting

A group exhibition at Beaver Hall Gallery

Featuring works from Eija Loponen-Stephenson, Max Lester, Bel Andrade, and Tate Peacock, Modes of Inhabiting investigates the experiences of existing within and among structures, and the potential to reframe and reimagine the surrounding environment. Through propositional models and intuitive making, the artists question the boundaries between humans and objects, interrogate the effects of hard structures that envelop us, and negotiate the body’s position within these constructions.

I exhibited part of my body of work, Behind These Strange Sensations are Hidden Structures. 

Tracing lines of a muddled network, Behind These Strange Sensation are Hidden Structures is a body of work that considers the forces, sensations, and powers that link bodies (both human and non-human) to each other and to the architectural and political structures that surround them. This is approached from looking at material realities (the actualization of political ideologies in the shapes of cities and structures) and through the virtual (the intensities that affect and motivate our movements and desires). This work turns to the jarring intensities that pull away from monotony and in doings so provides the tools to imagine alternatives to hegemonic realities. 



Bad Circuit

Cement All®, Proflex dryer duct, Infiti emblem, blue electrical cables, Home Depot Bucket, Norcent TV Monitor, Yellow extension cords

Underlying Principal

Corner beads, vent, inkjet t-shirt transfers, temporary tattoos, tiles, latex gloves dipped in bioplastic, electronic air cleaner cel

It Takes 3

Cement All®, Proflex dryer duct, deflated bike tire, unidentified metal brackets, flexible metal conduct, canvas work glove

Images taken by Mike Gontmakher

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