A Fault Line in Me is a Fault Line in You

Bunker 2

During my Residency at Bunker 2, I explored the space as a container for research, material investigation, and conversation. I employed Bunker 2 as a studio to create an influx and immersive installation, conduct research and produce a body of work subject to change and instability. Investigating queer embodiments that defy hegemonic conceptions of normativity and naturalness, I used the uncanny as a site to locate the ambiguous and challenging aspects of queerness. The work began at the fault line: at a point of tension in which the naturalness of something is exposed through its jarring nature — when it doesn't quite line up. The fault line is a disruptive fracture on the surface, a point that is susceptible to eruption. 

Images taken by Mike Gontmakher

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